Brandaen is a steel replica of a smack, based on the lines of racing smack Ellen and a Skellinger.

She is build in Brightlingsea in 1980 by Arma Marine, designed by Rodney Watts and commissioned by a dutchmen. He brought her to Holland and put the wooden deck on her and installed a DAF diesel engine of 120 hp.

After 7 years she was sold to the present owners. She was still only a hull with wooden deck and an engine.

The owner, Han Wever, started to build her up. First the interior was made in a Victorian style with lots of panelled doors. It was finished 1996.

In the same time spars were made from clear and better Oregon pine, glued with epoxy and all the blocks assembled. Sails were made by Theo Dokman/UB-sails.

Though, still not finished, Brandaen made here first sailing trip in 1992.

Sailing trips:
1992 Frisian Islands.
1993 Frisian Islands.
1994 Zeeland.
1995 East Coast England.
1996 Brest Douarnenez.
1997 Denmark, The Baltic by Limfjorden.
1998 Denmark , by Nord-Ostsee channel.
1999 England Southcoast, The Solent, Dartmouth.
2000  Belgium, France, England South coast, Spain, Azores, Ireland, Scilly’s.
2001 Frisian Islands.
2002 Douarnenez, Channel Islands.
2003 England, Scotland, Hebrides.
2004 England, East coast, South coast, Channel Islands, Brittany.
2005 Scilly’s, Falmouth classics, France.
2006 Brittany, Channel Islands.
2007 England East coast.
2008 Island of Wight, South coast Norway.
2009 East coast.
2010 IJsselmeer.
2011 IJsselmeer.
2012England southcoast, Brest Douarnenez, north Brittany.
2013 England OGA 50th anniversary Eastcoast, Southcoast

2014  Holland OGA cross country tour.

2015 France Dunquerque, Holland
2016 IJsselmeer, Frisian Islands.
2017 IJsselmeer, Waddenzee.
2018 IJsselmeer, Waddenzee

2019 IJsselmeer, Waddenzee

2020 IJsselmeer, Waddenzee

2021 IJsselmeer, Waddenzee

2022 Ijsselmeer, waddenzee